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The Secret Art of Self-Development

“This book offers concise yet fully explained ‘rules’ to make one’s life free and happy. I love it’s non-linear organization. I can pick it up and flip to any chapter and be inspired, encouraged, uplifted and guided towards a better tomorrow. Thank you Karl!”
– Mark McCoid, www.healingproducts.com

“Why is success so hard? There are thousands of self-help websites, books, courses, retreats, CDs and videos dealing with the subject and we still search and search for self-development. Well, that's a good thing, but it doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be pretty easy when you’re holding a book like this one. There are no 10 steps to follow, no lists to write, no mountain to climb... just a way to 'be' and Karl shows just how it’s done... easily.”
- Tom Murasso, www.borntomanifest.com

“We are in the midst of one of the greatest paradigm shifts in history. We clearly need a new direction on how we think. Our old models do not work any longer. If you are looking to make a quantum shift in your thinking towards more freedom and less suffering, Karl Moore delivers with this new book an outstanding piece of information. It is down to earth, profound in is clarity, and simple in its understanding. A must read.”
– Thomas Herold, www.dreammanifesto.com

"Excellent book! If you're looking to find your freedom, then this book will take you there. Karl distils the best self-development wisdom around into a simple, easy-to-understand format. He even talks about my favourite topic – releasing. If you're looking for self-development, stop right here!" – Larry Crane, www.abundancecourse.com 

"Self improvement, I have found, unfolds beautifully all on it's own - if you let it. Karl Moore has taken Occam's razor to the whole business of self-development and delivers it how it's supposed to be: simple and practical. The realizations in this book are powerful for that reason and will undoubtedly resonate with many, many 'seekers'. If only this book had come into my life years ago! Excellent job, Karl!" - Daniel Topp, www.vastwellnesscenter.com 

"To say that Karl's writing lights my fire is an understatement! I read his Happiness book back to back - after which my energy was simply buzzing. This book is even better! This is spiritual food for the soul; feed regularly and you will become nourished with fulfillment in your life. Your thirst will be sated, your heart will sing with joy and your soul will reach a peace only once before thought impossible. I believe there is a time for everything and everything has it’s time: and it is time for you to read The Secret Art Of Self–Development. Thank you Karl - it will be beside my bed from now on!" - Valery Coburn, www.inspirationplus.net

“I have not been able to put down this book. Each chapter is better than the one before. It’s made me see the world around me in a whole new light. Amazing book, and I recommend it for everyone who is seeking to find their own road map to self-development and true inner happiness.”
- J. Walker, www.natural-life-choices.com

“I have known and have had the pleasure of working with Karl for about four years now within the self-development arena. I must tell you that if there are significantly more genuine and more inspiring individuals in this field today I haven’t met them... and let me tell you I’ve met just about everybody. It’s no accident that he was hand selected as one of the 12 key teachers in The Meta Secret movie and the reasoning for which is 100% clear within only a few seconds of reading this book. Karl is a true visionary and I’m very thankful to call him a friend." - Joe DePalma, www.readysetrise.com

“This is a wholeheartedly enjoyable and enlightening read, seemingly simple, yet positively profound. Karl’s book effortlessly tackles topics such as taking responsibility, letting go, overcoming, intention, accepting change, and being truly happy. Karl debunks many self-help myths and illuminates deep themes in a straightforward and often light-hearted way and I love the easy to follow exercises and will carry on using them in my day-to-day life - highly recommended!”
– Johnny London, www.affirmationstation.com

“I found myself nodding as I read this book, as if some deeper part of me had known this material all along yet was unable to grasp the ease of which it could be applied. Thank you Karl for introducing me to a whole new part of myself and unleashing the power that I have within. This book takes the best secrets from all areas of self development and packs them into one easy read.”
- John Derrick, www.johnderrick.com

“This book is a guide to finding your own path to self-fulfilment - and not just blindly following the latest fad or guru. That’s just one of the teachings I learned from this book. People are all different (even weird!), so there is no one 'true way' that fits everybody.”
- Chris Lloyd, www.ultrabraintraining.com

“This book may shock you a little and it will certainly ‘wake you up’ and get you moving in a very positive direction. Written in an easy to read and understand style, it gets right to the heart of self-development. You will start looking at life with your eyes wide open today... and you will LOVE it! Congratulations to you, Karl, for being the brave, bold pioneer that you are!”
– Rebecca Marina, www.rebeccamarina.com

“I've just finished reading this book - and highly recommend you do the same. This book says more in 150 pages than most do in 15,000. Karl’s rules are clearly stated and explained so that you can put them into practice immediately and best of all - simply.”
- Dick Ingersoll, www.applying-the-law-of-attraction.com

“I always thought that the trouble with life, is that it doesn't come with a manual. This book fixes that problem. It's the most practical, inspirational, and easy to read 'user guide' for life I've ever found. This book is bad news for expensive self help gurus; everything you need to know about being happy and successful is distilled into these pages.”
- Harvey Walsh, www.daytradingfreedom.com

“Searching for a better life? Look no further than this book. Karl Moore opens the door to your freedom, happiness and success, offering easily accessible guidance in a friendly conversational tone. Forget all the jargon and typical nonsense that often surrounds personal growth. Karl helps you find empowerment to live the life you want. This book is, without doubt, a total revelation and the only guide you'll need for your self-development journey. Absolutely brilliant!”
- Carol Anne Strange, www.carolannestrange.com

“Thanks to Karl Moore my income has grown 1,200% in two years. Karl has now come out with the secrets to his success. If you’re looking for happiness in your life, I highly recommend this book. I’ve known Karl for years – and this is the only guide you’ll ever need for finding true happiness in your life.” – Mark Anastasi, www.mark-anastasi.com
“What a great book! A very succinct and easy to understand guide to happiness. I always knew that everyone could experience happiness in the moment – and Karl’s book shows you how. Happiness come from within and this book shows you how to find it.”
– Will Thomas, www.tampabaydogwhisperer.com

“The more fundamental a truth, the simpler it is. We search for answers in complex theories and yet if we throw away our blinkers, the truth is staring us in the face. The ‘blinkers’ are limiting beliefs and false preconceptions: the things ‘everybody knows’ that are simply wrong. This easy to understand manual explains how you can get back in touch with what simply ‘is’ - and then all things become possible.”
- Peter Shepherd, www.trans4mind.com

“Karl is one of the most spiritual people I know. He’s known in the industry as the Bubbling Buddha, and I highly recommend his work.”
– David Riklan, www.selfgrowth.com

“My 13 year old daughter once mentioned that life was effortless. It was a word that stuck with me. I relished it. Effortless. And it can be. Life can be effortless. Sometimes we need a helping hand to remember how to make it so and this book is a fantastic place to start. In a series of easy-to-read pep talks in the author’s delightfully fresh and down to earth style, Karl becomes the friend you always need when the going gets tough. He’s the type of real friend who doesn’t collude with your stuff, but asks you to simply step into your personal best, and shows you how. An excellent book for any seeker who, as Karl puts it, wants to become a finder. Wonderful!”
- Billie Dean, www.billiedean.com

“We all want happiness, rich relationships, abundant and fulfilling lives, vibrant health and a winning mindset. The access to all these gifts is available to us for the asking if we are willing to commit to the path of personal development and allow each day to provide us with countless opportunities for developing our inner wisdom, the potential for maximizing our personal effectivess and the art of manifesting our dream lives intentionally. This book is an insightful guide to uncovering your inner guru and discovering what it takes to lead your best life. If you want to be your best and are ready to live a life without limits, read this book”
– Dr Joe Rubino, www.centerforpersonalreinvention.com

“I love that this book hits the nail on the head, talking about areas of life that when focused on positively will indeed turn your life around. Karl reminds us that change is constant, and it is not to be feared. That YOU are in the driving set so consciously set your intentions, as your life is a reflection of where your focus is. And that happiness is a choice that is available to everyone. If you struggle to believe that, then you MUST read his book, as you will be convinced and more by the end of it!”
- Arabella Jolie, www.whyte-witch.com

“The aim of self-development is to recognise who we truly are, and how we’ve always been free of all that constrains our creativity and happiness. Karl Moore has given us a straight-forward guide to achieving that. He delivers 16 life-changing steps on this re-evolutionary path - which we can each begin to take today.”
- Johnathan Brooks, www.spiritbearcoaching.com

“I read this book all through in one sitting - then went back to the start and read it all again. Like all great teachers, Karl Moore has the knack of explaining sometimes complex ideas in a way that is not just understandable but actually enjoyable. The Secret Art of Self-Development is essential reading for anyone who wants to get more out of life both materially and spiritually.”
- Nick Daws, www.mywritingblog.com

“Karl Moore did it again! This book is written for those of us who long for learning and search after the power to awaken our greatest passions and deepest aspirations. The book is humorous, filled with linguistic extravagance, sheer inventiveness and deep insights – with simple yet profound delivery.”
– Evane Abbassi, www.alternatedisputeresolutioninc.com

"Karl uses a simplistic style to pull back the curtain and expose what happiness and self-development are truly all about. Forget all the self-help hype - You will learn how easy it can be to accept, let go and move on to a happier, more fulfilling life. Great read Karl, thanks!”
- Gene Anger, www.best-self-help-sites.com

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