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The 18 Rules of Happiness

“This book is eye-opening in its simplicity – and a must-have for every household. Anyone that follows the 18 rules inside Karl’s guide will inevitably enjoy an excellent lifetime journey.”
– J.Walker, www.natural-life-choices.com

“Everyone should have a copy of this book on their coffee table, in their bathroom, or on their desk. It's a constant source of joy and inspiration, never failing to make me smile each time I pick it up and dip in.”
– Harvey Walsh, www.daytradingfreedom.com

“In this book, Karl Moore shows all of us how we can find happiness at any moment in our lives. Unlike many self-development books, which often take months to bring results, I found myself smiling within the first few minutes. These 18 simple rules have the power to improve anyone’s life starting the minute they begin to read it. I couldn't be happier.”
– John Derrick, www.johnderrick.com

“Many people touch happiness just a few times in their lives. Some people, never at all. But in fact, it's possible to be happy all the time - if you know how. And who would have guessed? It's actually easy! Eons of wisdom are beautifully distilled here in this book, which demonstrates just how easy it is for you to be happy.”
– Peter Shepherd, www.trans4mind.com

"Karl uses a simplistic style to pull back the curtain and expose what happiness is truly all about. Forget all the self-help hype - You will learn how easy it can be to accept, let go and move on to a happier, more fulfilling life. Great read Karl, thanks!”
– Gene Anger, www.best-self-help-sites.com

“Thanks to Karl Moore my income has grown 1,200% in two years. Karl has now come out with the secrets to his success. If you’re looking for happiness in your life, I highly recommend this book. I’ve known Karl for years – and this is the only guide you’ll ever need for finding true happiness in your life.” - Mark Anastasi, www.mark-anastasi.com

“This book is a reminder of what we should already know, but so often forget, about being happy. I love Rule #7, ‘Be Happy Now.’ Well, Karl - I am now that I've read your book and eventually remembered how!”
– Chris Lloyd, www.ultrabraintraining.com

“At last... Happiness made simple! Easy to understand and full of priceless wisdom, this book gave me a million ‘Aha!’ moments. You could almost open it to any page and get exalting inspiration you can use right now. This is the kind of book you always want to have handy when you need a boost. A real treasure. As for the author, I know him to be a man of integrity and a pure heart. I trust anything that comes from Karl.”
– Rebecca Marina, www.rebeccamarina.com

“Pure wisdom! This book takes an ingenuous approach, with simple yet profound and deep insights! Karl undertakes to both entertain and educate in an unconventional means. You will love his humour. He has outlined simple steps to happiness - and he will take you there with no effort at all. My suggestion is to kick back and enjoy the ride with him!”
– Evane Abbassi, www.alternatedisputeresolutioninc.com

"We attract to our lives all our experiences and then we get to interpret them either in ways that support us or in ways that diminish the quality of our lives. So, what are the secrets to manifesting true and sustainable happiness in our lives? Karl Moore's latest book is a roadmap to making your life one filled with happiness and all the great things that are made possible by maintaining an attitude committed to finding endless opportunities for happiness. If you are ready to lead a happy and fulfilling life, this book is a great place to begin your journey."
– Dr Joe Rubino, www.selfesteemsystem.com

“In this book, Karl Moore has set out a road map anyone can follow to achieve a happier, more fulfilled lifestyle. I found this little book truly inspirational, and intend to put Karl's advice into practice every day from now on.”
– Nick Daws, www.mywritingblog.com

"Was I ever 'happy' to to discover this book! As an advocate of meditation, I deeply appreciated Karl's stance that in order to be truly happy, one must put themself front and center - and peer right in. We must stop looking outside ourselves for measures of joy. This book beautifully illustrates how the light of peace and happiness are within each of us if we only let them shine. What an important tenet for our era!"
– Daniel Topp, www.3pounduniverse.com 

"Karl gives his readers a road map to happiness! Besides sharing the 'how to do it' techniques and strategies to move steadily on the journey, he gives us inspiring quotes, a list of happy songs which you'll soon find yourself humming, and even feel good foods which will lift your mood and bring a smile to your face."
– Sally K. O'Brien, www.sallykobrien.com

"Nobody is more qualified to write these rules than Karl Moore. He is truly inspirational."
– Carolyn Anderson, Kent Cancer Trust

"Fantastic! If you're looking for happiness in your life, this is the book for you. Read these simple 18 rules – and uncover a profound happiness and freedom denied to most. This book is a real breakthrough!"
– Larry Crane, www.abundancecourse.com

“Many books have been written on the subject of happiness. Especially in the western world, where we have become happiness addicted. But if there’s one book on happiness I would recommend, it’s this one! Karl’s book teaches the basic principles that happiness is always there, but needs to be cultivated to express itself. Very impressed with the clarity and profound insights this book delivers.”
– Thomas Herold, www.dreammanifesto.com

“I absolutely love this book. I simply couldn’t stop reading. If only I’d read something like this years ago! I never realised happiness was a choice, rather than a destination. Brilliant!”
– Valerie Coburn, www.inspirationplus.net

“Happiness is a choice. And it is indeed possible to be happy, when you choose to be so. These 18 rules are fundamental in changing the patterns that do not work for you – the ones that make you feel unhappy. When you follow these rules, you will indeed experience true happiness! In this book, Karl writes beautifully, his trademark style is both personable and likeable. It’s hard not to be happy just by reading this book!”
– Arabella Jolie, www.whyte-witch.com

"Living joyfully is at the heart of life – which is why this book is an absolute must-read! Discover profound, lasting happiness and enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling life simply by following Karl’s timely and enlightened guidance. This guide will help you find your true joy in no time at all. Inspirational!"
– Carol Anne Strange, www.carolannestrange.com

“With much of the world popping Prozac, this book is one of those titles which should become compulsory reading! Light, easy to understand and written in that accessible, bright Karl Moore style, this book takes you by the hand and leads you into the garden of happiness, step-by-step. It will be on the recommended list of all my students — and quite frankly my friends and family as well. Happiness should be one of those things that’s a given, and somehow it is elusive to so, so many. With Karl’s help, you can open the door to happiness, just by opening any page, and reading his delectable wisdom.”
– Billie Dean, www.billiedean.com

“I have known and have had the pleasure of working with Karl for about four years now within the self-development arena. I must tell you that if there are significantly more genuine and more inspiring individuals in this field today I haven’t met them... and let me tell you I’ve met just about everybody. It’s no accident that he was hand selected as one of the 12 key teachers in The Meta Secret movie and the reasoning for which is 100% clear within only a few seconds of reading this book. Karl is a true visionary and I’m very thankful to call him a friend."
– Joe DePalma, www.readysetrise.com

“Developing lasting happiness requires skill and time, plus a clear intention to change our attitude towards life. However, the actual thoughts, feelings and memories which have programmed us away from happiness may be difficult to identify. Karl Moore has provided us with a guide of 18 steps or rules to do just this, so that we may begin to fulfil our purpose for life with joy.”
– Johnathan Brooks, www.spiritbearcoaching.com

“What a great book! A very succinct and easy to understand guide to happiness. I always knew that everyone could experience happiness in the moment – and Karl’s book shows you how. Happiness come from within and this book shows you how to find it.”
– Will Thomas, www.tampabaydogwhisperer.com

“When playing the game of life, people, events, and circumstances arrive almost magically to help us grow into our full potential and ultimately, bring happiness. After all, what are we doing here anyway if not to be happy? Everything we do is to that ultimate goal. Karl has given us a set of 'rules' for playing the game of life and shows us exactly how to win the happiness prize. Tap into the wisdom here - it will make you happy!”
– Tom Murasso, www.borntomanifest.com

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